Tena koutou,

Ko Rachell Wheeler taku ingoa. I am the proud teacher of Kearoa and the lead teacher for technology integration at Horohoro School. I have been a teacher here for thirteen years. 

Our class is the namesake of the marae at the foot of our school so our class always strives for excellence in order to represent Kearoa’s name well.

I usually have around 22 students in Kearoa which includes Year Three to Year Five students. A small class size enables me to build relationships with all of my students and co-construct learning opportunities that excite and motivate my learners.

 I enjoy using lots of real-life examples within our learning and we try to get out of the classroom to  take a hands-on approach to learning as often as we can.

Students are informed about where they stand academically, encouraged to make goals and given guidance around achieving their goals.

A fundamental part of our class success is including and informing whānau at home about what is going on at school. Please feel free to contact me via text, messenger, email, phone or kanohi ki te kanohi.



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